Pink Is Here but what is it?


Our new website design has considered a framework by which subscribers are automatically given contributor status and granted the floor with their content.



What the hell is going on?

I have been getting a lot of flack for my alleged neglect of the magazine I created just a few short years ago. Everyone has been curious and for the first time in a great while I am able to tell you why we went into the shadows. More like behind the scenes.

When I started this little endeavor, my concern was to have a place where my work could be best represented in its proper context. Pictures, video and audio were there to serve story. I didn’t want to just show videos and pictures in a self servicing “portfolio” manner. Ultimately no wants to visit a narcissistic corner of self curated material buried under the weight of a single perspective from one artist. That’s why magazines came to exist in the first place. Or one of the reasons at least.

Collaboration was a necessity.

As a closed system, XOAVL ran through a very severe bottle neck (my attention span). In Darwinian terms, ideas had to find expression among the frontiersmen of each respective medium with less gatekeepers. It was no longer good enough to have one person dictate the trajectory and final outcome. Artists should contribute their “verses” and cross pollinate ideas in a manner that created a new specie of content.

Pink is a Beta

Many of the former contributors have asked why I just don’t release the beta version of the site to start getting a feel for how things will unfold on the site. I couldn’t agree more and that is why we are rough around the edges (aesthetically) but moving forward with new content and new reasons to get excited about the new XOAVL. We have also opened up a discourse with our new Disqus comment threads throughout the site. Please give me your thoughts, suggestions or critiques.

Simplified Template System

I wanted something that was beautiful to work with and that others would find inspiring for presenting complete stories that rivaled our quaint little city’s current publication ensembles. We have been spending a great deal of time on the simplification of the template and interface so that anyone can create beautiful work with minimal code. In addition, we will be launching our small repository of tutorials in the not-too-distant future. More of these updates will come through the Editor’s Desk announcements.

Open Calls for Contributors

Our new website design has considered a framework by which subscribers are automatically given contributor status and granted the floor with their content. Though they will not have immediate publishing rights, our team will keep close contact and will even find manners of assisting in transforming garden variety blog posts into an editorial piece of artistry. You can sign in right now by clicking either of your preferred social network logins.

Additional information

Audience Reach

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