Supporting Local as Civil Disobedience

Sponsor Stories that matter to everyone

Represent what your business believes in and the community or groups you support by bringing compelling content to the world. Sponsoring is an exciting new way for your brand to acquire content that will expose your company as the badasses you already are.

Reach Beyond your audience

Great stories have many different kinds of audiences. Many might be your customers already but there's so much more where that came from.

Grow your following with good content

Our syndication means wide and targeted distribution across all major social networks with exciting media.

Engage with Offers

Take advantage of your exclusive placement within Supporting Local as Civil Disobedience to offer your audience reasons to be your customers.

Activate Local Creatives

We built this to provide a symbiotic and sustainable solution for businesses to thrive as they support the creatives making their content.

How many customers do you wanna reach?

Price of content is directly related to the distribution push of Supporting Local as Civil Disobedience throughout major social networks and media channels.

Stay Local

75k Reach

Keeping it purely for Asheville's eyes only. Concentrate your media exposure with your content on Facebook and Instagram, reaching your local community strongly.

Sister Cities

250k Reach

Striking a perfect balance between local and potential nearby audiences. This package is recommended to reach "staycationers" throughout your region.


750k Reach

Gaining the attention of the mainstream media by pushing your content throughout regional metropolitan cities and other major tourist centers outside of your local region. This ones reaches all the way west to the Pacific.


950k Reach

International reach and your content printed on our annual editions.
Coming soon.

How long will my story be syndicated?

Pricing is based on how many and for how long your story will be circulated throughout the major social network channels.

Stay Local

Ideal for engaging locals with special events or weekly specials.

Sister Cities

Suitable for brand awareness to cities within a 250 mile radius outside of the city.


Suitable for web-based sales marketing campaigns that are reaching for major cities throughout the nation.


Recommended for national and international based brands. Coming soon.


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Make Audiences your future Customers

Give your audience a reason to learn more about your business and connect with them in a personal and memorable way.

Exclusively Yours

Once you sponsor content it is forever a place where readers can encounter your business and its personality. They'll never be ads.

Call-to-Action Offers

Offer a single place for your customers to read more of your content or follow you on the various social networks you are already on.

Connect with folks

Stories inspire conversation, take advantage of the opportunity to further build your brand loyalty.


A built in heads up display dashboard giving sponsors immediate access to who they have reached with their content. Coming Soon.

There’s no blanket formula for nurturing this spirit of resistance.

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