XOAVL / Asheville’s New Social Zine

As if to walk into an empty auditorium decorated with lights, lasers and all other sorts of special effects, but in the off setting. A vast nothingness of potential somethingness lines the great atrium that is this wonderous little city in the sky. My intention is to create something sincere.

Please come back tomorrow as I strive to bring to you the very best of Asheville. That means the best of everything. No preference to virtue or vice. Best means the most of everything. The most honest. The most exotic. The most erotic. The most neurotic. Fair game.

I will carry as much as I can and share whenever I can, but I am certainly one interested in hearing from you if you have any ideas that you would like to share. Click here if you want get me in on the latest that XOAVL can cover in our online magazine..