Facebook Mural by Gabriel Shaffer

Gabriel Shaffer’s Secret Spiderbush Interview

Asheville Artist Gabriel Shaffer and America's visual artists still establishing a global identity out of the folk art movements.

8 minute read
The Secret B Sides Performing in Downtown After 5 in Asheville

Funk & Soul Reveals its The Secret B Sides

Metamorphous wave of sound and rhythm to make you feel good.

2 minute read

Granpappy Covers Elliott Smith’s Waltz # 2

This renaissance man performs a little cover by the late Elliott Smith Waltz #2 (XO).

1 minute read
Dustin Spagnola Smokes Photographed by Anthony Abraira

Dustin Spagnola’s Eye of The Tiger

Contemporary street artist back from Kathmandu and discussing religion and politics.

12 minute read
Hospitality Suite Poster

Hospitality Suite Opens at 35Below.

The controversy surrounding the play, brings the issue of evolving spirituality and religious desegregation.

1 minute read

Roedelius Music Genius Inspires Collectivism

Hans-Joachim inspires us to think about art and society. Artists are charged by almost mythic mission to help us cope with a world of unending beauty and mindless stupidity.

3 minute read
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