Cecil Bothwell: A Man for All Seasons

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December 1, 2011

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The importance of an open mind in public office is essential. It’s clear that the status quo has failed us and the type of politician that once flourished, has gotten us into this mess. So the question is: what type of characters, intellects, and personalities do we wish to have in office now? This is especially critical since nearly every economic institution is currently failing the American people. We can’t vote the same type of person into office to solve the very problems they created.

Enter a Man for All Seasons

The famous German thinker, Max Weber, once described that the most sought after qualities in decisive representatives should be “passion, a feeling of responsibility, and a sense of proportion.” This certainly fits when meeting with this Democratic candidate.

We caught him a few weeks ago for an hour and asked him some pointed questions about the trade imbalance, sustainable business development, “green jobs”, small business finance, and few more curve balls. His statesman like presence exuded a sense of calm, rationality, and well…proportionality. For all the hoopla about Mr. Bothwell’s atheism and claims from the peanut gallery that his leadership in Asheville City Council has created a “cesspool of sin”, XOAVL believes we have captured a dignified candidate for office on film.

There appears to be an authentic sincerity from Cecil when it comes to helping common folks out of this current economic mess. ┬áHis words are thoughtful, his ideas analytic and its clear he has a keen interest to transform our post-fuedal bureaucratic society into something better…perhaps a country where the principles of succor and human improvement are valued. A socialist? Most likely not, and if he is, does it matter? Does it matter when the end effect could be a prosperous, independent America?

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