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Cecil Bothwell

City Council Candidate Cecil Bothwell Weighs in

Cecil Bothwell gives his take on the burning questions for this years' City Council elections.

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Sheneika Smith - Asheville City Council Candidate

City Council Candidate Sheneika Smith brings Community Ideas

Sheneika Smith, running for Asheville City Council, offers community-centric insights for improving the lives of our residents.

7 minute read
Rich Lee

City Council Candidate Rich Lee Responds

City Council Candidate Rich Lee takes on our top hard eight questions for upcoming elections just a few short days away.

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Youth / 4 ½ out of 5

An in-depth review of Paolo Sorrentino's latest film starring powerhouse cast Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz & Paul Dano.

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Pink Is Here but what is it?

Our new website design has considered a framework by which subscribers are automatically given contributor status and granted the floor with their content.

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Alphie Hyorth, Anthony Abraira, Ryan Travers and Dan Clancy star in Glengarry Glen Ross

Motley Band Rolls Out Hot Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross

The only real boss is money: money is ethics, money is aesthetics, and religion is the thousand-faced dance that is performed to obtain it.

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Hank West & The Smokin' Hots - Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas Asheville. Here’s a Xmas Tree.

It's a god damn Xmas Song so secular it cannot insult anybody by Hank West and the Smokin' Hots.

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MANNA FoodBank Battles The Hunger Games

MANNA FoodBank has been & continues to grow assuring futures for those humanities. It celebrates its 30 years of service.

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